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Nichols Village Resident Spotlight

August 20, 2018

Before Nichols Village was a twinkle in Bill’s eye, like many residents living in our community he worked as an electrical engineer and computer programmer. As a young lad of 10 he recalls a memorable experience while exploring his small hometown of Newburyport. He came upon an old broken electrical sign. And of course, as a young curious minded kid he climbed to the top of the sign to see how it worked. Peering down inside the workings of the sign he spied a penny! No sooner did he pluck the penny up did he receive the “shock” of his life. Bill learned his first lesson in electrical conductivity.
Finishing up his 25-year career with Sylvania Bill sparked up his own photography and digital imaging business working with local artists to reproduce their artwork. Upon moving to Nichols Village Bill discovered and was pleasantly surprised to see several of his digital prints hanging along the walls of Nichols Village!
After years of making a living at what began as a young lad’s curious explorations, Bill is now thoroughly enjoying fixing and building things in the Nichols Village workshop. He also enjoys growing lovely roses in his raised garden bed and taking photos like the one used on a postcard mailing and on Facebook to advertise our next open house! Please stop by and smell the roses at Nichols Village during an Open House this Saturday, August 25th, 1:30 – 3:30 pm. Take a tour with residents, view apartments and check out what’s happening in the Resident Gardens and Workshop. After the open house, from 3:30 – 4:30 feel free to join residents in the café for some live music and munchies too.

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